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3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

It’s Pumpkin Carving Time!  Please register with your school email address if you will be participating in this year’s contest.  In order to accommodate drop offs at the school we will need to have an accurate count of how many participants we will have dropping off pumpkins.  Registration deadline ends 10/21.

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Once you have registered- get prepping and carving!

Contest Rules:

  • Each student may only submit 1 pumpkin
  •  Decorations can include drawing, paint, glitter, marker, etc.  No additional embellishments may be used i.e. purchasing packaged face prints, stencils or glue on material
  • You may not submit a purchased pre-carved/decorated pumpkin
  • There should be no candles inside the pumpkin
  • Pumpkins must be delivered on 10/28 between 7:30 and 8:15 (See drop off information below).  If you are unable to deliver your pumpkin at the designated day/time, please email prior to 10/28 to make other arrangements.
  • Your pumpkin must have your full name, teacher and grade number written on the back
RVC Families:
You may submit a photo of your carved pumpkin if you do not wish to bring one to campus. Please make sure and register by 10/21,  as well as submit your photo by 10/28.  

Pumpkin Drop- Off:

Drop off is on 10/28 between 7:30 and 8:15. Email if need to make other arrangements for drop off.  Please make sure your name/ grade/ and teacher are written on the back before you drop it off. 
If you are in Kindergarten or 1st Grade your designated drop off location will be on the grass lawn by the stop sign in front of the office/kinder parking lot.  There will be a parent volunteer there to take your pumpkin.  
If you are in 2nd-6th grade you will be dropping your pumpkin off by the multipurpose room, the sidewalk between the entrance doors and the car drop off line. There will be a parent volunteer to take your pumpkin.
Voting will be open to students and faculty only.  Pumpkins will be numbered and on display on campus for viewing as well as photographs available online.  Your teacher will provide further instructions on how to vote on 10/28.  Voting will run through 10/30 at 9am.  Winners will be announced and prizes delivered to the classroom at the end of the day on Friday, 10/30.
There will be two sets of winners: Kindergarten- 1st grade will have a 1st/ 2nd/3rd place award and 2nd-6th grade will have 1st/2nd/3rd place award.  Winners will receive a candy prize!!  1st Place winners will also have their pumpkin photo in the 2020-2021 yearbook!

Pumpkin Carving Registration

Valley View's Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest Registration form