PTC Board Position Descriptions/ Elections

More Information Regarding the PTC Board Positions, Elections, and How to Get Involved

We will be planning to vote on PTC officer positions for the 2023/2024 school year at the April 24th PTC Meeting. 6:00 pm in the VV Multipurpose Room.

Every year, all positions are available for nominations to fill or to co-chair.

Description of Positions:

1. PRESIDENT- shall preside at all meetings of the P.T.C. and of the Executive Board; shall be member of all committees and oversee officers and committee chairs.

2. VICE PRESIDENT – primary aide to the president; training/observing for future President role; works directly with sponsors; helps oversee committees and ensures all PTC activities are being completed and addressed as needed.

3. SECRETARY- keeps accurate records of the proceedings of all meetings and makes copies available to all members of the PTC. Compiles data, documents, flyers and budgets for archiving.

4. TREASURER- keeps books of financial account and records of the PTC. Disburses checks and collaborates with PTC President to establish budget.

5. CAMPAIGN COORDINATOR- responsible for the coordination of any school event that does not require additional parent volunteers to be physically present at the event (ex. Spirit Nights, Shopping rewards programs, Spirit Wear, School Supply Kits)

6. EVENT COORDINATOR-  responsible for organizing the Event chairs for all ongoing fundraisers that require coordination of volunteers.

7. PUBLIC RELATIONS COORDINATOR- acts as the forward-facing messenger for the PTC. This position is responsible for ensuring PTCs brand is consistent across all communication mediums.

8. FAMILY ENGAGEMENT COORDINATOR – oversees the activities of the school volunteers and provides regular  communication regarding PTC activities.

9. HOSPITALITY COORDINATOR –  responsible for the coordination and planning of events relating to community engagement and appreciation with the Valley View Community including teachers, parents and administration.

10. ART AND SCIENCE COORDINATOR- will advocate for high-quality arts and science education for all Valley View students, seek opportunities to share best practices and raise awareness about the relevance of the arts in increasing academic achievement. Works closely with Science Lab aide and Art Docent leads.

OTHER: COMMITTEE CHAIR- not part of election process and do not need to be a board member to be appointed; just mark what committees you may be interested in chairing:

  • Funding Futures Committee – responsible for events focused on fundraising. Ex. Parent’s Night, Pledge a Thon (Raise Craze)
  • Cubs Community Committee– responsible for the events that focus on building community. Ex. dance, carnival, family fun night
  • Sunshine Committee– responsible for staff appreciation and spreading school spirit during the year.
  • Campus Revamp Committee– responsible for outdoor classroom/garden and other campus beautification projects


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