Buddy Family Program

Our 22/23 Buddy Family Program at Valley View will be continuing and we hope to make it bigger and better with our new PTC Family Engagement Coordinator leading the program! We would love your participation as a Buddy Family or New Family wanting a buddy. SIGN UP BELOW

What is a Buddy Family?

A Valley View Buddy Family is a current family with a child in the same or similar grades as the new family and can act as a resource as they get settled in at our school.  We all know that our first days at a new school can be stressful and scary for a child and their families.  Many students may be coming from different schools or a different city/state! By being a Buddy Family, you can be a huge help in building a strong school community for all.

What should a Buddy Family do? 

Each Buddy Family is asked to make personal contact with their new family at the beginning of the school year. Keep your new families informed on things happening at our school and share any PTC communications that they would find pertinent. Buddy Families will be asked to check in occasionally to see how their new families are adjusting, answer any questions they may have, and plan small meetups as able.  Basically try to make them feel welcome and help however you can. Any additional contact you wish to make with your new families is completely up to you.  We will also plan some Buddy Family activities for all our new families and buddy families to meet each other outside of school.

How do I sign up to be a Buddy Family?

Fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact with some new families for you get in touch with.  The number of families you have is dependent on how many buddy families and new families sign up.  If a new family has multiple children at our school, we may assign more than one buddy family to them if able.  Again, this is still a fairly new program for us and we appreciate the support as we navigate how to make it work the best we can.

How do I get a Buddy Family if we are new to Valley View?

The easiest way to sign up to get a Buddy Family would be to fill out form below and we’ll have someone contact you soon! We will be sending out other communication through Mrs. Anderson and your teachers at the beginning of the year as well.  Feel free to email valleyviewptc@gmail.com with any questions or to get more information.  Welcome to Valley View!!


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